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I have opened a Tumblr, you can visit it here! I decided to use tumblr to help my work get more exposure, for networking and also for ease of quickly posting up new artwork.


Poster designs

NEW!! LA Noire!! as featured on Rampaged Reality



You have found/stumbled across my site... Congratulations

Its purpose is to functions as an online portfolio of sorts, to showcase my work. I hope you like it!

If you have any comments or feedback about my Artwork or website then feel free to put your thinking's in an e-mail and send it my way. Equally if you have a job or a project that you would like me to be involved in then drop me an e-mail. I will be more than happy to hear from you!


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3D Stuff


This is a selection of 3D artwork created using various 3d software packages. These include, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Mudbox in combination with Adobe Photoshop to paint the textures. There is a mixture of High spec and low poly work. All work below was modelled unwrapped and textured by myself.


2d bits

This is a selection of 2D design / artwork. Some of it was created for projects, some just for the fun of it, and some of it was commissioned. But I have grouped it altogether here in one neat pile of 2D bits for ease of viewing!


I created the website you are currently looking at and I have also created a few others over over the years. a recemt one was a commission from a driving instructor who wanted a website to help him promote and run his business. It's currently an active site that plays a supporting role in attracting new clients for his business.

solent driving lessons logo



Here is a collection of some short animations that I have created. There is a mixture of both 3D and hand-drawn 2D animation. More of my animations can be found on my youtube channel.







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